VBR Star Premier Program


The VBR Star Premier program is the best program for youth soccer players in the Southwest Virginia area who are looking to develop their technical skills and play at a good competitive level.

The Premier program is for players that want to develop their technical skills and understanding of the game in a challenging and fun environment. In many ways the Premier program is a great stepping stone for the Elite program. Players in the Premier program may have aspirations and goals to play in the Elite program; however, they may not be quite ready for the next level. This is where the Premier program helps players develop with advanced training and playing opportunities on the weekends. 

Historically, players on premier teams the year prior do make the jump to elite level teams. 

At the Premier level, players will benefit from more playing time and therefore will be able to relax and enjoy the game again. More playing time will only help players get better and help them reach their goals and targets. Our Premier teams play in the Blue Ridge Soccer League (BRSL) so each week they are playing against competitive teams suited to their level.

All players in the Premier program are trained by licensed coaches and will get to play in good competitive games and attend various tournaments allowing plenty of opportunity for playing time. Premier teams follow the same developmental program as the Elite program and we will help you get to the next level no matter what that level may be!

Our fees for the Premier program are extremely competitive. We are one of the lowest costing clubs in our area and our fees are actually less than some other area clubs. Our Premier players receive an excellent level of training for an extremely competitive price.


  • Development focused 
  • BRSL League member
  • Professionally licensed coaching staff
  • Teams practice two times a week
  • Low Fees
  • Club wide philosphy 
  • Supplemental Programs
  • College Placement Advisory