What is the difference between Pro23 & CAPP (College Athlete Training Program)? 

  • Pro23 is the mixture of both training and games.
  • CAPP is focused on the two days a week of training. 
  • Essentially, they are the same, but many young players due to conflict can only train, or are not selected for the Pro23 team on the weekend.


What is the Cost?

  • The cost is $200 for both the Pro23 & CAPP. 


When does Registration Open?

  • Registration opens January 28th. Players must be 16 by June 1st to play in Games. All 2003 players are welcome to participate in CAPP.
  • Registration will remain open through the end of May.
  • You will have the option to pay online, by check, soccer credits, or cash.


Do Younger players get the opportunity to play in Pro23 games?

  • The answer to that is yes. Over the past three summers, we have seen over 25 returning high school players get into games. 3 of which started in the Pro23 Championship game.
  • VBR Star uses the Pro23 as a development program to help players looking to play at the next level, using the game and training to create a familiarity with the speed of play that is common at the collegiate level.
  • Games are not guaranteed. 


Is this program open to other clubs locally?

  • The answer is yes, but players must meet the playing level necessary to compete with the older, more experienced players. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me specifically.